76 days ago I started this blog and complained about my weight and where it was and more importantly how I felt about it. Today I realize I don’t believe I ever committed to doing anything about it (especially since I’ve only lost 1.4 pounds). Maybe I thought I did but clearly my results show no true commitment was made!

I was in a training two weeks ago and one of the points we learned was about commitment. Mind you these are points we are meant to teach high school age kids. Low and behold I am the one who needed the lesson. (Shocking I know. Funny sense of humor the universe has!) I realize I have multiple posts I still need to finish (and I will) about Konmari and how that has and hasn’t shaped my life but I wanted to refocus, commit if you will, back to my health! Back to the idea of what Run JKO Run is about! Back to finding something to run too.

We all know I haven’t been running and then got injured walking at work (I seem to be prone to work injuries and that sucks!). So I couldn’t even walk without a brace. I am also always under a ton of stress be it from working four jobs (sometimes five), friends or family stress or just trying to manage a household living in the Silicon Valley without enough hours in the day. All of these can be seen as roadblocks to my weightloss goal. Let’s be honest those roadblocks have become just major excuses for me to become fat, again.

Commitment means that I stay committed. That I find new and creative ways to achieve my goals. Commitment means that I stay the beaten path and keep beating down the door. If I can’t walk, I jump in a pool. If I can’t swim I do planks. If I can’t do planks I eat more salad. It is possible to make this happen. I have lost 75 pounds before and I will do it again!  It is possible to put ME first! To stay committed to me as much as I am committed to everyone else.

While on vacation, a vacation where I spent most of it confidently in a bikini, I read that part of successful weightloss is posting to social media. Allowing your friends to hold you accountable. So this is my proclamation, I am not at 250 pounds like I was when I lost 75 pounds before (thank the lord Jesus!). I am not 27 or 28. What I am is 36 almost 37 and here I am almost ten years later once again on a mission to lose 75 pounds! I am committed to my goal weight of 157 (which is not what the BMI says I need to weigh but it’s the realistic goal that I’m shooting for!). This is actually 76 pounds. To represent the amount of days ago I started this journey and to what I am recommitting too!

Humbled to say, committed to feel, excited to proclaim: this is me at 233.0 pounds April 15, 2016 in tropical Haiti and I am committed to getting to my goal weight of 157!

0 down 76 to go!

Cheers! 🤗