More than you can handle?

When life sucks have you ever been told, “Don’t worry God doesn’t give you more than you can handle”? That’s bullshit. Absolute bullshit!!!

God gives you more than you can handle all the time. Have you read the Bible? It’s story after story of God giving things to the faithful that they can’t handle. He does this so they will lean on him. He does this to strengthen their faith. Or so it seems. 

I’m in a season of absolute overwhelm, sadness and doubt and actually said to one of my sisters, “God won’t give me more than I can handle right?” Then I paused and remembered, “Ha! That’s a joke. But he will get me through it.” I listened to a Crosspoint Church service today on the way to spend time with my dad and “coincidentally” the service was talking about just this. 

Pastor Pete talked about 1 Kings and the story of Elijah. Elijah had amazing faith and did just what God wanted him to do. He did it without question and basically did with a smile. God told him he was going to provide and unlike many of us Elijah stepped out with blind faith and God provided! However, then God stopped providing.”Some time later the brook dried up.” (1 Kings 17:7) 

What happened when the brook dried up and Elijah no longer had water to drink?  Elijah didn’t run. He didn’t change paths. He didn’t get scared. He sat diligently waiting for God to provide again. After time God provided Elijah with direction and literally provided food and water. The sermon talked about how we might know it is the right thing to follow the path of Jesus and how we are always encouraged to do so especially as Christians, however, doing so life isn’t always going to be easy!!!

I needed that reminder this week. The reminder that life is going to suck at times. The reminder that when the brook dries up I need to be patient and be closer to God.  I need to sit with him, honor him and know that I will make it through. I will learn the lesson to be learned. I will connect to the people I am meant to. I will connect with him. 

Right now life sucks. Right now I often hit my knees in prayer. Right now I often want to hit the bottle. I needed the reminder that life is not all rainbows and roses and that is ok. That’s what makes me so positive. That’s what makes me a good therapist. That’s what makes me a good friend. I know what the bad times are like and I have faith that they too will come to an end. 

I need to fight my urge to run. The urge to change paths. The urge to question my life choices and the path I feel is divinely written. I have to sit patiently while the brook is dry and know that God will provide. I have to know that I am where I am meant to be and that although this is so much more than I can handle and I will make it through the thick of it and watch my faith grow. 

For now we run on the treadmill or the trail and not away from life’s challenges!! 

(In case you want to watch the service here ya go!

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