Getting support to start

We got a later start than I would have wanted to on Monday morning (6/12/2016) and that was ok because we have all of June to make this road trip happen. The original plan was to drive to San Diego spread ashes. Then drive to Temecula to see one of my best friends and then stay at another best friend’s house in Temple City (a part of Los Angeles). I really wanted my two girlfriends to give me a hug before this trip started and wanted them to meet my favorite blonde before we embarked on this travel adventure. I’m not the most amazing person at asking for support so being intentional about starting my trip with these two women was a huge step in self-care.


When made it to Temple City in 5 hours, which let’s be honest is great time especially since we ended up hitting rush hour traffic. We decided we would hit San Diego on the way back and see my girlfriend, Andrea and my brother on that leg of the trip. When we got ten minutes out of Temple City I texted Sarah and asked if we could take a nap in her back yard. Of course she said yes and wished us luck with her two dogs. By all accounts a miracle happened and I was able to get the dogs to chill out long enough for us to hop the fence, unlock it and spread out for a well-deserved nap. Our nap was ruined by laughter and talking but it was nice to just rest.


Sarah’s husband came home and we talked until Sarah arrived. It was a nice evening of laughter, talking, good food, watching the Warriors win the NBA finals (Go DUBS!) and just overall great company. I explained my trip to her because still no one but my favorite blonde and I really knew the process of the trip. Sarah was excited for us and provided the support that only 23 years of friendship can give. You know the kind that says, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do because I don’t have enough bail money and you’ll rot in jail. HA!


We left the next morning after a long hug and cleaning (my love language to say thanks!). We hit the road and headed for Vegas.


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