Discovering a New Method

A few days before Vegas I was prepping for my trip this summer and getting a photo for my new passport at Costco. I had to wait for the photo to be be processed, which honestly is weird to me since all you do is hit print, but alas I walked around as told to. I walked over to the books and started to browse. Back story: one of my sorority sisters had posted something on Facebook about how people who don’t read are less likely to get college degrees etc. I of course challenged that thought process and admitted to not having had read a book in years and I have a Master’s degree. I wasn’t proud of my lack of reading in fact just the opposite. This was only another piece of evidence that I lack in self care and in prioritizing any time for me. So I challenged myself. In 2016, I will read and finish a book a month!

Anyway, I was browsing the book section and I paused and in that moment an older woman, maybe in her late 50s, started talking. This isn’t abnormal for me. I have never understood why people randomly talk to me, they just do. Someone once told me it’s my face. I’m not sure how I should take that but eh whatever I get to have great conversations that most don’t get to (but that could be an entire other blog). This woman asked me, ” Have you ever read that book?” I looked at her perplexed and realized she was talking about the one I had paused in front of, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  She went on to tell me how great the book was and how she had yet to put it into practice but was excited about it. I nodded my head in the appropriate places with my mmhm and really in the appropriate places. She had so much passion it didn’t really matter what she was saying, I was sold. I walked away book in hand, picked up the worst photo ever (for the record when the man taking your photo says, “We have a mirror would you like to use it?” You should probably use it. HA!) and left.

I felt a level of serendipitous motivation to start reading the book. Not so much that I started reading it that night but I did begin the following day, or maybe it was the one after that. Doesn’t matter, what matters is that I started reading. It was an interesting read. So interesting I kept reading. I read on the plane.

I read in the back of the car in Vegas. I read in the hotel room. I read like I’ve never read before. After my powerful choice to battle in Vegas I came home with passion and with a purpose. I continued to read and talk to my husband, David, about the book and exclaimed to him that I wanted to follow the practices that Kondo laid out in her book.  David humors me a lot, one of my favorite parts about him, so of course he was supportive.

I know myself well enough to know that as one of the busiest people I know I often have the best intentions and the sloppiest follow through. I also know that only applies to things that are solely for me. Which literally means that if it’s something that will have a positive impact on my person in some way I will find a reason to not do it. However, if it was for anyone else I would jump on it, immediately. Needless to say I was skeptical on what my follow through would be in this new method that I found to simplify, purify and and energize my life.

We arrived home on Wednesday night exhausted and went back to the grind Thursday. I am pleased to say that Saturday morning I woke up, saw clients and came home wanting to be lazy and instead chose to put this new method, what we will call the KonMari Method, into practice. A practice that I will forever be grateful to. If I could find the woman in Costco and thank her I would. But the words wouldn’t be grand enough to express what our serendipitous meeting led me to do. I would also love to sit with her and ask her, “Why haven’t you put this into practice yet!? What’s holding you back?”

My question to you is what conversations have you had that you overlooked? What pieces of advice have you rejected because you thought you knew better? What method has worked for you in the past? What method do you do that you know isn’t working? What method do you have on your bookshelf, literal or figurative, that you know will work and you just aren’t able to put yourself first long enough to put it into practice?

Here’s to an amazing start to looking at what I’m running from?

Run JKO Run!