Why Run?

You would assume that a blog entitled Run JKO Run would be about races, marathons and weight loss. Heck if you have known me long or follow me on Instagram you would know that running is a passion and yes eventually a portion of this blog will be about running and races and more. However, the running I am talking about is the figurative running that I have done for decades.

When I got married, the second time, it was a standing joke, “Have you put up your running shoes?” So much so that my husband purchased customized Chuck Taylor’s for our wedding day. They were awesome and meant so much to me as a person who had worked through commitment issues. Or so I thought.

As a therapist I challenge myself to work through (process) things as often and as in depth as possible. New Year’s Eve 2015 sparked a new need for introspection that I had never seen before. It was like the universe, God, the forces that be, kept and keeps throwing things in my path to not only open my eyes, but rip out my heart, mold my soul and drop me to my knees in introspection and insight.

This blog is this process of how I am finding ways to stop running. To truly live in the moment. To live up to my potential. To find peace and love (for myself and for others). To understand who I am better and perhaps challenge you to do the same.

This blog is about Self Care in 2016! The unique part about me is that when I was engaging in the best self care I was doing more literal running and less figurative. Hope you enjoy Run JKO Run!


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